Chronology of Astronomical Maps, Catalogs, and Surveys

-134 Hipparchus makes a detailed star map.
1678 Edmund Halley publishes a catalog of 341 southern stars, first systematic southern sky survey.
1771 Charles Messier publishes his first list of nebulae.
1864 John Herschel publishes the General Catalog of nebulae and star clusters.
1890 John Dreyer publishes the New General Catalog of nebulae and star clusters.
1956 Completion of the Palomar sky survey with the Palomar 48-inch Schmidt optical reflecting telescope.
1962 A.S. Bennett publishes the Revised 3C Catalog of 328 radio sources.
1965 Gerry Neugebauer and Robert Leighton begin a 2.2 micron sky survey with a 1.6-meter telescope on Mount Wilson.
1993 Start of the 20 cm VLA FIRST survey.