Chronology of Communication Technology

-3500 The Sumerians develop cuneiform writing and the Egyptians develop hieroglyphic writing.
-1500 The Phoenicians develop an alphabet.
-170 Parchment is discovered in Pergamum.
105 Tsai Lun invents paper.
350 The Chinese develop a method for printing pages using symbols carved on a wooden block.
1450 The Chinese develop wooden block movable type printing.
1454 Johannes Gutenberg finishes a printing press with metal movable type.
1793 Claude Chappe establishes the first long-distance semaphore telegraph line.
1831 Joseph Henry proposes and builds an electric telegraph.
1835 Samuel Morse develops the Morse code.
1843 Samuel Morse builds the first long distance electric telegraph line.
1876 Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson exhibit an electric telephone.
1877 Thomas Edison patents the phonograph.
1889 Almon Strowger patents the direct dial telephone.
1901 Guglielmo Marconi transmits radio signals from Cornwall to Newfoundland.
1925 John Baird transmits the first television signal.
1958 Chester Carlson presents the first photocopier suitable for office use.
1966 Charles Kao realizes that silica-based waveguides offer a practical way to transmit light via total internal reflection.
1973 Akira Hasegawa and Fred Tappert propose the use of solitary waves to carry information in optical fibers.
1977 Donald Knuth begins work on \TeX.
1980 Linn Mollenauer, Rogers Stollen, and James Gordon demonstrate that solitary waves can be propagated through optical fibers.
1991 Anders Olsson transmits solitary waves through an optical fiber with a data rate of 32 billion bits per second.