Chronology of Transportation Technology

-3500 Wheeled carts are invented.
-3500 River boats are invented.
-2000 Horses are tamed and used for transport.
770 Iron horseshoes come into common use.
1492 Leonardo da Vinci describes a flying machine.
1662 Blaise Pascal invents a horse-drawn public bus which has a regular route, schedule, and fare system.
1740 Jacques de Vaucanson demonstrates his clockwork powered carriage.
1783 Joseph Montgolfier and \'Etienne Montgolfier launch the first hot air balloons.
1801 Richard Trevithick builds a prototype steam powered railroad locomotive.
1807 Isaac de Rivas makes a hydrogen gas powered vehicle.
1814 George Stephenson builds the first practical steam powered railroad locomotive.
1862 Jean Lenoir makes a gasoline-engine automobile.
1868 George Westinghouse invents the compressed air locomotive brake.
1900 Ferdinand von Zeppelin builds the first successful dirigible.
1903 Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright fly the first motor-driven airplane.
1908 Henry Ford develops the assembly line method of automobile manufacturing.
1947 First supersonic flight.
1969 First manned mission to the Moon.
1981 First flight of the space shuttle.