Chronology of General Technology

-7000 Pottery is invented.
-700 Invention of aqueducts.
-640 Invention of coins.
-400 Catapults are invented in Syracuse.
-150 Hipparchus invents the astrolabe.
-100 Glass-blowing is discovered in Syria.
700 Windmills are invented in Persia.
1050 Crossbows are invented in France.
1249 Roger Bacon states formulas for gunpowder.
1346 Cannon come into wide use.
1480 Martin Behaim introduces the nautical astrolabe.
1480 Leonardo da Vinci describes a workable parachute.
1645 Otto von Guericke builds the first vacuum pump.
1731 John Hadley invents the sextant.
1800 Alessandro Volta announces his invention of the electric battery.
1823 William Sturgeon invents the electromagnet.
1840 Justus von Liebig invents artificial fertilizer.
1867 Alfred Nobel patents dynamite.
1880 John Milne invents the seismograph.
1885 William Stanley invents the alternating current transformer.
1903 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky begins a series of papers discussing the use of rocketry to reach outer space, space suits, and colonization of the solar system.
1917 Paul Langevin develops a sonar echolocation system.
1925 Theodor Svedberg develops the ultra-centrifuge, thereby revolutionizing the determination of molecular weights.
1935 Robert Watson-Watt devises a microwave radar.
1945 First nuclear fission bomb exploded at the Trinity test site, about sixty miles northwest of Alamogordo, New Mexico.
1952 First thermonuclear fusion bomb exploded.
1952 Wernher von Braun discusses the technical details of a manned exploration of Mars in The Mars Project.
1953 Charles Townes makes the first maser.
1954 Construction of the first nuclear power reactor.
1960 Theodore Maiman makes the first laser.