Coolidge - Montana's Mystery Camp

Montana's mystery camp was perhaps one of the states best kept secrets for many years. Even early books such as "Ghost Towns Of Montana" by Donald C. Miller in its 12th printing referred to Coolidge as Montana's Mystery Camp. Probably named in honor of an American president. Once believed to have the remains of the last narrow gauge railroad to be built in the nation, it now is a string of remnants of a bygone era. Some of the destruction is attributed to a tornado which sucked up huge trees, heavy boulders, and everything in its path, creating a desolate half-mile-wide swath on the outskirts of town.

Before July, 1997

The Stable

Hotel or Boarding House

A once well-preserved mill, probably the state's largest, is still found on the side of a mountain, plus a couple dozen structures stand on what is perhaps the Treasure State's once least-desecrated ghost town main street. It hasn't been restored. No efforts have been made to preserve it except indirectly-for those who knew of its existence refused to give out information about it. They fear this historic place will be desecrated by man. Odds are excellent they are correct as you can see from the following photos taken in July, 1997.


A four holer with a single partition.

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