Hawaiian Glossary: The Letter W

This glossary does not go from A to Z. The Hawaiian language only has five vowels and twelve consonants, out of which twelve letters, a, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, t, u, and w, are represented here.

This is the glossary chapter for the letter W. Below, there are links to various parts of the travel guide, but the best way to return to where you've just been is to use the "BACK" button or function in your browser.


*Words marked with an asterisk (*) are used commonly throughout the islands.

young woman; female; girl; wife. Used by all ethnic groups. When written on a door it means "Women's Room."
fresh water; drinking water
hot. Wela kahao is a "hot time" or "making whoopee."
quickly; fast; in a hurry. Often seen as wiki wiki (very fast), as in "Wiki Wiki Messenger Service."