Lake Scene

Gleaming with the setting sun
One burning sheet of living gold,
The mountain Lake beneath him rolled;
In all her length far winding lay,
With promontory, creek, and bay,
And islands that, empurpled bright,
Floated amid the livelier lights
To sentinel enchanted land.

The most favorable time to view these Lakes (to an artist especially) was early in the morning or towards sunset; -- at these times one side or the other would be thrown into deep purple masses, throwing great broad shadows, with sharp light glittering on the extreme tops, -- while the opposite mountains received its full complement of warm, mellow & subdued light; -- thus forming a chiaro obscuro  and contrast most essential to the picturesque in color: -- an attempt has been made to reach this in the sketch. this was the only lake we saw that had an island; -- the scene in reality was charming, but would have required the pencil of a Stanfield, Turner, or Church in giving it due effect and rendering it complete justice. Patiently it awaits the coming man.