Indian girls

The sketch is derived from a simple incident that arrested the artist's eye. An Indian girl spring up to a branch of a tree, sustaining herself by the arms, and thereby forming an impromptu swing. In the genial season of youth, all around her exhilarated, amused, and invited her to be happy. Every object was tinted with prismatic colours, and shone with a celestial radiance--

The common earth, the air, the skies,
To her were opening Paradise.

Her companion, seated at a little distance, watches with mute regard and animated expression her lithe and graceful motion; her elfin locks of long black hair are streaming in the wind, like the mane of a wild colt; to crown all, her picturesque, but scanty robe

That floats as wild as mountain breezes,
  Leaving every beauty free,
To sink, or well, as Heaven Pleases.