Sample First Semester Test #2

  1. How much heat is needed to change 5 grams of ice at -5o to steam at 105o?
  2. Calculate the formula weight of Al2(SO4)3.
  3. Convert 95o Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. What is the percentage of Sulfur in Aluminum Sulfate?
  5. What is the electron configuration of Bromine?
  6. Calculate the density of a body that weighs 12 oz and has a volume of .8 liters.
  7. A piece of copper when put into water displaces 48 cubic centimeters. The specific gravity of pure copper is 8.94. Calculate the weight of the copper.
  8. How many calories would be required to heat 40 grams of iron (Fe) from 32oC to 92oC?
  9. During the complete combustion of methane gas, CH4 + O2 --> CO2 + H2O, how many grams of methane will be required to produce 3.48 grams of carbon dioxide?
  10. In the above problem what volume of CO2 will be produced?

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