The Rectangular Table

Harry and his wife Harriet gave a dinner party to which they invited: his brother, Barry and Barry's wife, Barbara; his siter, Samantha, and Samantha's husband, Samuel; and his neighbor, Nathan, and Nathan's wife, Natalie.  While they were all seated at the table, one person produced a gun and shot another person.  The chairs were arranged around the table as in the diagram below:


1.  The killer sat in the chair marked K.

2.  The victim sat in the chair marked V.

3.  Every man sat opposite his wife.

4.  The host was the only man who sat between 2 women (i.e., to the left of one and to the right of another, around the perimeter of the table.)

5.  The host did not sit next to his sister.

6.  The hostess did not sit next to the host's brother.

7.  The victim was the killer's former spouse.

Which one of the 8 was the killer?