Joseph Priestly And Related Topics

1. Priestly was responsible for:

a) Development of the atomic theory

b) The discovery of hydrogen

c) The law of multiple proportions

d) The synthesis of oxygen

e) Formulation of the nuclear atom

2. Give chemical symbols for the following elements:

a) Carbon

b) Chlorine

c) Sodium

d) Beryllium

e) Silicon

3. Name the following anions:

a) hydroxide

b) nitrate

c) iodide

d) cyanide

e) nitrite

f) Ferrous

4. Calculate the weight % of each element in: SiF4

5. What is the formula weight of the following:


b)Vitamin C: C6H6O6

6. How many grams are present in 1 mole of calcium nitrate?

7. How many moles of Ca++ ions are there in 8.73 grams of Calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2)?

8. A sample of material has 0.36 mol of hydrogen and 0.09 mol of carbon what is the empirical formula?

9. Balance the following:

____ CCl4 + ____ O2 --> ____ CCl2O + ____ Cl2

____ Na2O2 + ____ H2O --> ____ NaOH

10. If the formula of oxide of aluminum is Al2O3 , what is the formula of the fluoride of aluminum.

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