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What would be the minimum amount of carbon monoxide (CO) used if 28.0 grams of iron were produced in the following reaction:

Fe2O3 + 3CO 2 Fe + 3CO2

In the following reaction 5.0 grams of aluminum (Al) will react with excess hydrocloric acid (HCl) to produce how many grams of hydrogen?

Al + HCl H2 + AlCl3

How many grams of hydrochloric acid (HCl) will be required to react completely with 10.0 grams of calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2?

HCl + Ca(OH)2 CaCl2 + H2O

In the decomposition of potassium chlorate (KClO3), 16.0 grams of O2 are formed. How many grams of potassium chloride (KCl) will be produced?

KClO3 KCl + O2

An excess of nitrogen (N2) reacts with 2.0 grams of hydrogen (H2) to produce how many moles of ammonia?

N2 + H2 NH3

How many grams of chlorine (Cl2) will be needed to react completely with 10.0 grams of sodium (Na) to produce common salt (NaCl)?

Na + Cl2 NaCl

How many grams of silver chloride (AgCl) can be produced from 17.0 grams of silver nitrate (AgNO3)?

AgNO3 + NaCl AgCl + NaNO3

How many grams of NaAlO2 can be obtained from 1.46 grams of AlCl3 according to the following reaction?

AlCl3 + 4NaOH NaAlO2 + 3NaCl + 2H2O

How many grams of CO2 are obtained when 6.15 grams of Ce2(C2O4)3 are formed according the the following reaction?

2Ce(IO3)4 + 24H2C2O4 Ce2(C2O4)3 + 4I2 + 42CO2 + 24H2O

10. What is the molecular weight of ethanol (CH3CH2OH) also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol?